Intuitive Guidance and Support

Each TAoSC Guidance Session is a unique experience.

We start where you are right now. Are you facing a life challenge? Do you need to make a decision? Or do you want to go deeper to explore an area of your life you’ve struggled with for years? A TAoSC Guidance Session brings support and insight to nurture positive change in your life.

Unlike some other types of readings or healing modalities, a TAoSC Guidance session is collaborative. We work with your intuition to go deeper into the areas of your life you want to explore and transform. You won’t hear any commmands or intrusive advice. Instead, we’ll work together in a safe, respectful space in which it’s always clear that you know what’s best for you.

All sessions are currently online. You can book your appointment directly online or email me at

$121 CAD / 75 minute session (includes recording & relevant resources)

$500 CAD / 5 sessions of 75 minutes (includes audio recordings and relevant resources). Please contact me if you are interested in this option.

Questions? Contact me. I’m happy to hear from you.

🌸 Note: You don’t need to have a specific spiritual belief system to benefit from a TAoSC session. I approach a session with deep respect for your inner authority and your spiritual beliefs. If you are agnostic or atheist, you are also welcome to explore your inner life in a session. 🌸

Payment method is via e-transfer (in Canada) or by credit card (other countries).

🌿 Sliding scale available. Contact me for more information. 🌿