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A Simple Way to Connect with Intuition

I’ve developed this very simple, direct method of consulting with intuition to help distinguish intuition from other internal and external voices. When we seek inner guidance regularly, it can help us feel that no matter what is happening externally, we are supported.

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Parts and Whole

I was wakened out of a deep sleep this morning just before 6 am by our building’s fire alarm. My partner and I got dressed by rote and bundled up for the winter temperatures before heading down the many flights of stairs to the street. As we waited with other tenants, some of them in pyjamas, and some with their dogs or cats, we overheard an energetic young man telling a neighbour that…

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Dreamwork Beginnings

…I kept a journal from the time I was in grade six and jotted bits of dreams in the pages. During high school, I was taking my dreams more seriously… A huge turning point in my journey with dreamwork came when I entered therapy in my mid-twenties after burning out during my MA. I was blessed with the spectacular synchronicity….

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