🌸 Beth E. Janzen is a spiritual facilitator, a writer, an artist, and a teacher. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She founded TAoSC in the spring of 2021.

Beth guides, supports, and facilitates with respect and love. She has a voracious curiosity and has studied many different healing modalities. She is always reading a broad range of spiritual and psychological books on various topics. Out of this love of learning, she founded the TAoSC Study Group.

Beth is the host and producer of the radio program: “7 Questions About Death” which airs weekly on CJSR.com. In each episode, she interviews a different person asking them the same 7 Questions. You can listen to past episodes online on the website for 7 Questions About Death.

Beth holds an MA from UBC and a B.Ed. from Queens (Artist in Community Education). She is an innovative and experienced facilitator and teacher. 🌸

*At BethEJanzen.com you can learn more about Beth’s other projects, including her fiction and poetry projects.