A Simple Way to Connect with Intuition

The ways to connect to our intuition are infinite. I’ve developed this very simple, direct method of consulting with intuition to help distinguish intuition from other internal and external voices. When we seek inner guidance regularly, it can help us feel that no matter what is happening externally, we are supported. When we connect with our intuition and then intentionally ask to be shown how our potential actions may align or not align with our highest good and the highest good of all then big shifts can happen over time.

You can do this whenever you need to. A quiet space is great, but not needed. Sometimes you will need to consult your intuition in a noisy place such as a store or party or restaurant. I recommend taking 3 deep breaths while closing your eyes and focusing inward. Put one or both hands on your heart. (I actually do this in public places; over time, it feels less awkward and more comfortable.) Focus your attention on your heart space.

Explain the situation or issue or decision that you are seeking guidance about in a few sentences, either silently, or out loud, or in writing in your journal. Now, you can address your intuition directly out loud (this is usually the most effective). You can also ask for your intuition to guide you while you are writing in a journal:

 “Thank you intuition, for all your loving guidance in my life. I’d like to ask for your loving guidance now.” 

“What guidance will be helpful for me now about (this situation/decision) for my highest good and the highest good of all people connected to me?”

“What is the best self-care I can give myself right now connected to this situation/this decision?

🌸 Just listen. Sometimes the answer is very quiet and might sound like a regular thought but with a slightly different vibration. Sometimes it feels very subtle. Just listen and trust. Sometimes you will be shown in pictures or in feelings. Sometimes more guidance and insight will come later on. Putting this process in motion creates movement on many levels. 🌸 

**IMPORTANT: If you hear a critical voice instead of a kind voice:

If you hear a critical, bossy, or authoritarian voice then you can know that this is not your intuition answering you. However, this critical voice really wants you to listen to it. Acknowledging and thanking this voice calmly will result in big inner and outer shifts.  

You can try saying to the critical voice: “Hello critical voice. I heard you. Thank you for telling me what you think. Thank you for trying to protect me. I would like to hear from my intuition right now, so please be quiet.” And then, start again, put your hand on your heart and ask for the loving guidance of your intuition for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Whatever your situation in life now or in the past, I would like to reassure you that you deserve loving, kind guidance. Your intuition can give you this. You do not need to listen to the words of this critical voice and believe them to be the truth about you or the situation. Keep going until you hear the kind, loving voice of your intuition.

Finally, take a moment to check in with yourself about what you heard from your intuition. I usually consult my intuition directly out loud and then write down what I have heard. It’s important not to just follow what you’ve been told blindly, especially when you are just starting to consult your intuition in this way. Now ask yourself, how do I feel about what my intuition told me? Do I agree? Does it feel right? If you feel comfortable with what your intuition has advised, then follow it. However, if it feels like too much to do or too difficult, you can give it a rest for a while and come back to the question, or, you can consult your intuition again and ask your intuition:

“Thank you Intuition, for all your loving guidance. I’d like to ask for your loving guidance now. What is the easiest next step that I can take to follow your guidance about (the decision/issue/situation) now?”

I have found that consulting my intuition in this way has changed the way I make all kinds of decisions, interact with others, and live my daily life. It has brought me inner peace and deep happiness. I offer this practice in support of your personal and spiritual growth.


If you are struggling with serious long-term challenges, it may be difficult for you to hear your intuition when you ask it. Or, the answers you receive might not feel helpful. If that happens for you, I recommend that you choose an area of your life to focus upon which is not triggering for your trauma. I invite you to set an intention to focus on consulting your intuition in this area of your life for at least a month and just notice what happens. At the right time for you, you will be able to begin using your intuition more deliberately in the most challenging areas of your life. You’ll be able to use your intuition to change your habitual responses. I invite you to trust your unique process.

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Beth E.