Support is always available for you from Spirit

My desire is to connect you with the wisdom which is always available to you through your own intuition and the loving communication of your spirit guides.


TAoSC Guidance Sessions

Each TAoSC Guidance Session is tailored to where you are now and is a collaborative process between you, Spirit Communicators, and myself. We start with an oracle card and then choose the approach suggested by guides in spirit and our intuition. These sessions are as unique as you are. Whatever area of your life is creating uncomfortable challenges for you can be the portal to the next stage of your transformation. This session is not like a typical card reading, as it is collaborative.

Note: You are not required to have a particular belief system to benefit from a session. All are welcome.

Akashic Records Sessions

Akashic Records readings are helpful to access connections in your current life situations to your past lives for guidance and healing. Spirit Guides provide information from The Records and answer your questions for your highest good and spiritual growth.

Healing Session: Food

In this supportive session, we will explore your relationship with food within a context of acceptance and healing. Connecting with Spirit Guides through the Akashic Records brings insights from your current life and information from past lives, where relevant to your present situation. Energy healing may also be a part of the initial session or may occur in follow-up sessions. Although multiple sessions aren’t essential, they are recommended. I honour your process and unique needs.

Alchemical Dreamwork Sessions

These sessions are devoted to your dreamlife. Alchemical dreamwork works with your personal symbol landscape for healing, growth, creativity, and positive transformation. Even the most mundane dreams can be an opening to exciting insights and avenues for positive change. All aspects of your dreamlife are welcome, including recurring dreams, uncomfortable dreams (nightmares), big dreams, and spirit communication through dreams.

My approach is respectful, supportive, innovative, and powerful. This is an inclusive space and all are welcome. Each session includes a follow-up email with any resources relevant to the session and a recording of your session in audio or video format.


Session payment is on a sliding scale from $60 CAD to $111 CAD via e-transfer or credit card. For more information, visit the booking page by clicking below.


Working with Beth [in a TAoSC Guidance Session] is the most respectful experience with a facilitator I’ve ever had. The experience was one of refreshing kindness. I felt listened to, honoured, gentled.

H. Sollows

The Akashic Records reading with Beth was wholly supportive and inspired me to even greater depths on my spiritual growth journey and life path. Beth made the process completely comfortable, and I received the exact support I needed for that moment in my life.

– C. Dovell

My Akashic Records Reading took me back in time to a place where my distant ancestors would have lived and roamed. I felt safe and supported on this journey as Beth guided me, and as truths in my current life were revealed. I had the most restful sleep that night than I’d had in long time.

– O. Dawydiak

Note: In honour of the late Trish Grainge, gifted drama therapist, I am offering one-on-one sessions on a sliding scale.

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