Spiritual Connection

Creates Alchemy in Your Life

Spiritual Connection is always available to you. I believe it is the key to creating Deep Happiness in our lives. You deserve happiness, and you are equipped with exactly what you need to access it and deepen it. Your expression of Deep Happiness is unique to you, which is why part of your evolving life experience is exploring and refining your personal set of truths.

Through TAoSC Services, Courses, and Resources, I can help you with the process of creating and strengthening spiritual connection and guide and support you in your journey to Deep Happiness.

I welcome you to explore this website, which is always evolving, and contact me if you have any questions or comments that you’d like to share.

Yours in Spirit,



TAoSC Guidance Session

Each TAoSC Guidance Session is tailored to where you are now. We begin with an oracle card and then choose the path collaboratively using an intuitive approach. These sessions are as unique as you are. The session’s purpose is to deepen your spiritual connection and explore the routes to Deep Happiness in your life.

Note: You don’t need to have a particular spiritual belief system to benefit from a session.

Alchemical Dreamwork Session

Through Alchemical Dreamwork you can connect with your own Spirit and glimpse elements of your path to Deep Happiness. In this collaborative session, we will explore your dreams using innovative and transformative techniques which support your awareness and creativity. Even the most mundane dream can be an opening to exciting insights and avenues for positive change. Doing dreamwork is a form of spiritual connection. It’s possible to foster feelings of inner integration, especially if you have been having vivid dreams but haven’t been able to make any sense of them.

An individual one-on-one session costs $121 CAD via e-transfer (in Canada) or by credit card (other countries).

Note: A different session rate may be available if you have challenging financial circumstances. Contact me for more information.

Working with Beth [in a TAoSC Guidance Session] is the most respectful experience with a facilitator I’ve ever had. The experience was one of refreshing kindness. I felt listened to, honoured, gentled.

H. Sollows